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Abuse & Misunderstanding appearing on web sites

To our regret, there are some who misunderstand our sex dolls.

Some users take our dolls as models of
"Figure Fetishism" (abnormal indulgence in doll).
Those people do not take our products which are intentionally designed for sex,
but to desire to posses the dolls as collection.

Most of those lunatic people criticize our dolls saying "stinking" etc. etc.

Apparently, they did not read the instruction manual at all.
They should have noticed the explanation that the initial smell goes out to the air.

We are glad, however, that the majority of our customers understand our concept as sex dolls,
and never write any comments on web sites.

Therefore, such criticism on certain web sites are from the lunatics.

We would like to call your attention and understand our true purpose of making dolls.

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