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Our new material UR
has overcome all defects which conventional rubber had

Until today
From today
Conventional Silicon UR
 Cold and chilly Silicon skin is taken place by our new UR rubber
  Micro-porous core inside UR has high thermo insulation

The dolls became warm

Silicon inevitably has oil to soften

The oil soaks through doll body and
stains bedclothes

You must clean very frequently

Micro-porous UR has no
oil, and it gives comfortable skin touch

Silicon is not disposable

Dispose at public facilities

UR rubber is safely used for

Bed Items

You cannot repair unless having professional skill

UR rubber Body if
broken, can be repaired easily
Doll has to be light enough
The doll having human weight will give you fatigue

UR rubber is light enough
not too heavy to enjoy

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