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Security system to protect your personal information
There are many reports that personal informaion i.e. name/address/nature of merchandise is spread widely
through improper methods, sofware and/or virus.
We handle your personal records in completely seperated computor which is not connected with any
communication methods like telephone line, radio active line, etc., even with inter office LAN.

In the most case in this business, one computor is used for multi purposes.
We consider that this is dangerous against leakage of information.
Order taking  Shipment

The computor to handle orders is completely seperated from our other divisions and outside communications.
Therefore, it is impossible to pick up the data from outside.
Furthermore, our EDP division sends the data to our head office via fax, not through internet.(as below) 
In each data, the name of merchandise is converted to item code which is not understood by other people.

(Flow Chart)

EDP div.  Head Office
No File Exchge software is installed. Fax. is used for  Disconnected to any lines in-
to avoid any leakage. reporting. cluding LAN. Strict regulations
Personal info. is deleted after Not throug Web. prohibits copying. Gurded by
reporting to our head office. multiple passwords.

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