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all the dolls are shipped with no "make-up"


This means you can make it up just as you like ! The feature of the dolls almost depends on how you did it.
The below 2 photos look different but they are based on the same doll "Michiko"

The left photo is an example of "Thin/light make-up with "Eye Ball Set"(sold separate)Aand the right photo shows the doll finished to entirely different atmosphere.

Make-up set sold separate

Each user has his favorite make-up. Especially, the shape and density of eyebrow changes the characteristics largely.
The wig will not be attached to the doll but shipped separately in the same container so that it arrives in good shape.

Thus, the "self making system" makes you feel more intimacy to the doll you had in hand.

The portions of "eye lash" come out for easier coloring. To avoid coloring undesired area, mask the area using masking
tapes or other masking materials sold at home center or d.i.y. shop.
Never use too strong adhesive tapes to protect the skin remains beautiful when the tapes are removed

HintIIt is an idea to draw the eyebrows copying from your favorite woman.

If you put color too much on the lips and kiss them, the color may by spread over to other undesired areas.
Don't use women's' facial foundation material to cover any portion of the doll
as it may make the bubbles of the surface clearly visible.

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