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New Love Insert (standard) has the narrowest inside 
Mass Production Low Cost

Ventilated at the tip to allow tight fit any time

New Insert vs Artificial Cock

Type Z is recommended to be used with hand.
Not for doll installation. It makes your cock erect before playing
No ventilation
hole at the
top end.

Push to let
inside air out
Insert your
cock then
it is sucked
into the

(no air vent.)
Hole Type S  \12,000
Wider inside is suitable when
erection is insufficient.

(air ventilated)
Hole Type V \15,000
wrap the tip of
insert to allow tight fit,
and protect the doll
being wet by cum

Installation of insert
Built in type for all dolls - Our original design


Insert disappears
when installed

Ordinary opening.
(it shuts more tight when
legs are closed)

Opens by soft
finger touch

using stick or core bar
made with ronded paper, push it in

insert is deeply
installed until it dis-
appears from surface


(with Pussy Hair)


Insert disappears
when installed
suppose a bottle body
as the vagina room

if you push as above
insert diameter becomes
too large to fit in
then, prepare 2〜3cm
dia. stick or core

then pull.
Point by your mouse
set to the vagina
as shown

and, release

put your mouse
to the picture
and feel out
the easy fit in
 Lubricate inside before use.
Our genuine lubricant
does not harm body and hole.

To pull out the insert,

Pull as gently as possible.

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