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Stark-Naked Doll ? Here are better ways to excite yourself more !

More reality comes from what she wears !
Users' voices indicate some hints for perfect satisfaction.

Mr. A, 67 Aichi Pref.
"I was spending the days of loneliness after my wife passed away,,,,knew your Michiko and ,,,,,, one day I hit upon an idea to put Michiko a "Yukata"(one of the Japanese garment) which my wife used to wear at the time we got married,,,,I was surprised that Michiko looked just like my wife at her new bride age,,,,I could not stop embracing Michiko in the Yukata, and I have noticed I was already deeply thrusting her to and fro,,,, oh, my god, I am strong enough,,,,,,dipping my hard thing this much deep!! ,,,,,Oh, I felt I returned to my young days,,,,,,

a boy B Hiroshima Pref. age unknown
"my interest was to peep into inside of skirts of girls in hi school,,,,,,,,,,
,,,,,,,,now I'm pulling up it, oh, white panty is there !!!,,,,,,,from backside, ,,,I pulled down it,,,,,,,the pink, fresh, wet pussy,,,,,
,,,,,,I've ejected my gallons of sperm over the skirt of her school uniform,,,,

see what happens if a doll puts on something sexy !

Yes, this way the dolls become much closer to the actual human being. This stimulates you to your maximum.

for reference only

for reference only

School uniform(sailor type)
It will make you fell as if you are doing the sexual acts
with a school girl. As the above user pointed out, you can spray your
own liquid over the uniform which is machine washable.

Deluxe Lingerie Set
Pull down panty only,
leaving other underwear on.
This way you will be far closer to
the actual woman

School uniform (High school type)
This uniform is very popular in Japan.
it gives the same effect as the sailor type.
machine washable.

Hint: You can obtain other things than we provide. @@Take measurement of the doll you have, and obtain at shops pretending that you are looking for gift to your sister, daughter, etc.
If you can obtain other suitable cloths, it may excite you further more !!

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