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Frequent Questions
Q:"what is the price difference? does it mean sizes?"
The prices are determined based on the opinions from certain monitor customers before the announcement of new items. When the monitors feel the new doll pretty, the price will go up accordingly. Factory adds or reduces the price based on the productivity and technologies employed.
Q:"does the price mean durability ?"
The prices have no relation with the product durability. Just make comparison between low price car and high price one. People treat the high class car with much more care, giving longer life than the cheap one.
Thus, the durability depends on how much care was given to, and how gently handled.
Main Body of dolls
Q:"are the arms and legs freely movable?"
There are limits.(see below) There are no bones and hinges excepting Kumiko and Carol.  All made of solid sponge.
Q: Material & Skin Feeling
Industrial Urethane Foam Rubber offers the most similar touch of human skin.   Its warmth is the reflection of the users owm temperature and not comparable to silicone.
movement Michiko Rumiko/Naomi Yuuko/Yohko/Chris Kumiko/Carol
turn neck
raise arms to level
open legs 45 deg. R/L
sit on chair
doggy style
stretch legs ×

Q:"tell more about the news that dolls are strengthened"
People sometimes open doll legs wide when excited. This may break the legs if pulled too much.Our dolls have No.1 flexibility in the love-doll world, but to make the dolls more durable, factory added a step to insert fabric material inside of the weak positions. Nevertheless, if handled rough, the dolls will collapse.
Q:"can the dolls open their eyes?"
The dolls are originally made eyes closed. This is because many girls commonly close their eyes closed when being inserted. On the contrarily, for the users who like open eyes, we prepared "Eyeball Set" which enables the eye open and close, both ways.
Q:"is pussy in the right position?"
All dolls of Harumi Designs have the most important part at the same position as the real women. Moreover, the inserting angle is the same too.
Q:"are dolls washable?"
The body material are made of sponge which takes time to dry up. The moisture soaked in the body may make the body moldy. Therefore, it is recommended to wipe off with towel slightly wet.
If you want to spray your sperm over the body, it will be better to spray over the underwear of the doll so that you can wash easily.
Q:"how long will the dolls be useable?"
It entirely depends on the way how the user treated. If your handling is rough, the life of the dolls will become shorter. Use as gently as possible just like you treat your human lover. Some reports indicate that there are many users who enjoyed having our dolls for over 10 years.
Q:"how heavy, how big?"
See each doll page where sizes and weight are shown in cm. & kg..
Q: "how does the skin feel when touched?"
Imagine the surface of soft type bread or pan cake. You will also feel it warm, because it insulates and reflects your temperature.
Q:"can I sleep in bed along with the doll?"
There is no problem as far as you never press it too much to destroy.
Q:"when broken by pulling the doll body too much?" 
Use tranparent type of glue for rubber. For better results, see manual attached to the doll main body.
A: All of our dolls are disposable if they are taken to the public garbage facilities. Do not burn yourself to avoid harmful gas. It is recommended to brake down in pieces before disposing.

Pussy Holes
Q:"What are the differences among each holes?"
See the page of "prices" where the differences are explained.
Q:"do the holes vibrate?"
Does the actual human part vibrate? We intend to make copies of the real organ.
Q:"isn't it harmful to use without a condom?"
The material of the holes are not harmful at all. You may put a codom on, when you want to keep your doll as clean as possible.
Q:"How long will the holes last?"
If used properly, it will last tens of years unless your size is extremely big.
Q:"When broken?"
Soldering iron can melt the broken surface, put together while hot( be careful - burn injury possible ).

At the time of purchasing

Q:"how long lead time do I have to wait?"
Approximately one week. To deliver outside Japan, transportation will take a few days more.
Q:"can you ship the goods to Post Office for to pick up later?"
The delivery to your Post Office is accepted.
Q:"do you accept divided payment?"
It depends on your card. If PayPal accepts, it is all right.
Q:"then, how about the divided payment without using credit card?"
You can consult major banking facilities. Most of those facilities are prepared for loan contracts based on papers evidencing your income or paid tax.
Q:"can I order part only, i.e. without main body?"
Shipment of any parts is accepted inside Japan. To the purchaser outside Japan is required additional shipping cost advised separately.

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