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99% of women close their eyes when jointed with men.
This is because they know it is the best way to concentrate in the activity.

For this reason, all of our dolls have closed eyes originally.

The 1st. in the world !  the original closed eyes open, close & open again !
Eyeball Set! 
doubles doll value - closed to be loved, cute when opened,,,,

Enjoy both ways, no need to buy two dolls or two heads !


Kit enables doll eyes open/close ! as you want, for many times !

Eyeball Set(\12,000) includes two eye balls(wedge type) and iris printed on transparent adhesive film. The iris position can be adjusted as you want.
(the original dolls have closed eyes but when the Eyeball Set is applied, they look changed as shown in the photos below.)

This set is applicable to all the dolls.



See what happens when Eye Ball Set is used.

recommended color of eyelashes  Black , Brick, Dark Blue, etc.

How to use

"Make Set" changes the dolls more realistic
the set includes eyelashes

which can be
ordered any time
cut thick (about 1mm) paper

referring to the sizes right
remove eyelashes gently from
plastic tray

put glue on the edge of paper

Fig.: Cut view↓

set eyelash to desired position and let it dry
The old model ha sponge eyelash
which will not be needed,

You can cut it off.
eyelash on the paper
will become easily put into slits
at the eye position.

if you prefer a doll
having closed eyes, you can
finish using eye shadow powder.
If you obtained "Eyeball Set", you can add more realism.
"Eyeball" is actually not a ball but looks like a "Wedge".
extended portion is to push up the "sponge eyelash" originally provided. 
this instruction is for Eyeball Set owner

the extended portion (looking like a pent roof) must be reduced with a file
leaving 1mm area.
(do not file the eye surface)
glue the eyelash on
the left 1mm area as shown.

Fig.: Cut view↓

cut off the excess.
the eyeball with eyelash can be
pushed into the slits , , ,
, , , until you feel
deep enough.

eyes are printed on elastic film.
cut out the eyes a little larger.

put it on to the desired
position, cut the excess.
HINT Eyes will be closed if removed.

slits will be opend a little.
they will close faster
if water is sprayed and dried
with hair dryer.
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Harumi Designs Japan
will take necessary
actions against illegal offence

Copyright(C) 2000 Harumi-designs All Rights Reserved.