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INSIDE Japan only

If you have a credit card valid in Japan, you can make payment by such cards at the time of delivery.
The payment is to be made to the transporter "Sagawa Express" and not to us directly.

Never contact the credit card company regarding the contents of your purchase
as it may disclose the detailed contents you have purchased.

If questioned, you must explain that it is "a health care product".@

Divided Payment is accepted when a credit card is used.
The acceptable cards are shown below
(e-Collect service by Sagawa Express)

The revolving or divided payment up to 24 times.
As the handling charge, Sagawa Express adds collect charge of JPY 1,000 plus additional 4% on the price of merchandise.

To apply, return to the order form and select "payment by credit card".
This service only applicable to the residents in Japan.

@Shipment to the areas outside Japan is available after payment.

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