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Our compay
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Compay Name Harumi Designs Inc.
C.E.O. Harry Shimaz
Address ‚Q‚P‚T|‚W‚V‚X‚X
Manpukuji ‚T|‚P|‚P P.O. Box 5, Kawasaki, kanagawa Japan
Name Harumi Designs
Phone 044-959-0823
Fax 044-959-0824
Mail Address
Home page URL


Phone 044-959-0823
FAX @044-959-0824

Became independet from
‚r‚h‚l‚` ‚h‚Ž‚”‚…‚’‚Ž‚‚‰‚‚Ž‚‚Œ, California, Burbank

Established in Kawasaki
Changed name to@Harumi Designs Japan Inc.
in 1984

Started making Love Dolls in Tokyo, adding factories in Ibaraki, Osaka, Korea and China

Published by TV/Radio
its history
No.‚P Security for using credit card.No.‚Pby USA

Procurement source from China/Taiwan/Korea &
other Asian countries.
Established marketing to USA, Taiwan, Europe
through agents.

Total material used
Over 130 Tons
Ton = 1000kgs

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