Love Doll Kits to make-up your own favorite partner.
Harumi dolls are made without make-up for your own customizing.

If you don't like to customize yourself, see our Campaign page.

The wig is packed seperately to avoid being shaken during transport.

Put on your
desired color
to eyeblow

model : Kumiko
Tips of the breast can be colored.
Color the Top
of breast as
Finish the every details. The "Eye Ball Set"(sold separate) will create further difference.

when eyeballs are used for Kumiko

eyeballs used
"Eye Ball Set"(sold separately) opens the doll eyes, and closes when detached.
The size of eye balls is a little larger so that you could make smaller to your favorite size.
(use abrasive paper)

Harumi dolls employ polyurethane Sponge as main body. Silicone blended for Kumiko/Carol

The production includes inflation using CO2 Gas

The surface of the body looks like bread skin, not mirror-like.
It offers human like
softness and warmth.

it is not recommended to paint the surface, or to use improper cosmetics,
which may damage the good feeling of the skin.


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